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WTF (Where's The Flame?!)

WTF (Where's The Flame?!)

Our collection of wickless flameless candles are a botanical dream, and a natural way to create fresh amazing scents that are pure and not questionable. The fun thing about WFC's, is that you don't light them. They are completely flame free, and you can place them or hang them in most of your living spaces without caution. Our wickless candle collection comes in all of our listed scents and in various shapes and sizes. Perfect for:

  • dorm rooms
  • apartments
  • nursing homes
  • offices
  • cars
  • Burn Time


    See breakup/repurpose instructions

  • Where I Am From

    Northeast Ohio, mindfully hand poured with compassion in small batches.

  • What I Am Made Of

    • 100% natural soy wax
    • Dried floral/herbs
    • Leather twine (upon request)
    • Non-toxic oils
    • Determination
  • How To Love Me

    • Please  place me in your living spaces to enjoy my fragrant ambiance
    • Appreciate my perfect imperfetions. This is normal and won't affect my scent
    • I'm OK being left alone
  • Breakup/Re-purpose Me

    Parting is such a sweet sorrow...

    • If I came with leather twine, please remove it
    • Break me up into small pieces, but be gentle, I am vulnerable
    • Only place my pieces on tea-light or electric warmers approved for wax melts
    • Read and follow ALL instructions provided with your warmer before heating me up
    • NOW I am going to need some of your attention, I'm waxbroken, please don't leave me unattended


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