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Wax Melts

Wax Melts

Similar to our WFC (Wickless Flameless Candles), we present to you our wax melt collection. 

  • highly fragrant wickless wax alternative to a candle
  • often much more fragrant than my candle friends
  • Where I Am From

    Northeast Ohio, mindfully handpoured with compassion in small batches.

  • What I Am Made Of

    • 100% natural soy wax
    • Non-toxic oils
    • Determination
    • Sometimes glitter or sprinkles
    • Assorted color dyes made specifically for soy wax
  • How To Love Me

    • Place one or two of me in a tea-light/plug-in/ electric warmer
    • Allow me to take a glorious aromatic bath (or 3) I recommend 2-3 hours maximum each time- you can warm me until my scent has faded
    • When you are finished with me, and wax is cooling, safely clean warmer
  • Scents

    I come in the following scents and mold shapes in these collections:

    Quarantine Life

    • Surprise party for one- (Squares with rainbox sprinkles)-*buttercream, toasted vanilla, honey*
    • Comfy flannel *bergamont, mahogany, musk*
    • 3pm coffee break -(Two toned caramel and white squares and coffee cup shapes)- *hazlenut, sweet cream, fresh coffee beans*
    • Always on the naughty list-(snowflake mold with diamond sprinkles)-*fresh pine, spicy cypress, holiday bliss*
    • Zoom call happy hour-(wine bottle shapes)-*blackberry, saffrom, anise*
    • Fresh baked banana bread-*ripe banana, walnut, tonka bean*
    • Postponed Jamaica trip- (fruit shapes)-*citrus, melon, coconut*
    • Pumpkin chai waffles-(waffles with drizzled syrup)* pumpkin, orange zest, graham cracker*

    Botanical Life:

    • Calm-(squares with florals/herbs)* jasmine, tonka, sea salt*
    • Balance-(succulent shapes with florals/herbs)*green tea, leon grass, cedar*
    • Purpose-( hearts with florals/herbs)*citrus, honey dew, chamomile*
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