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Our collection of mood enhancing candles intend to improve stress levels and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. Functional aromatic fragrances act as a therapeutic holistic treatment, using natural plants to promote health and well being. Try calm.

  • relaxing jasmine
  • restoring tonka
  • refreshing sea salt
  • renewing florals




P.S. Also available in our wax melt and our wickless hanging candle collection!

  • Burn Time

    8 oz burns for 40+ hours

    11 oz burns for 60+ hours

  • Where I Am From

    Northeast Ohio, mindfully hand poured with compassion in small batches.

  • What I Am Made Of

    • 100% natural soy wax
    • Dried florals/herbs
    • Crackling wooden wick
    • Non-toxic oils
    • Recyclable 12oz glass jar
    • Determination
  • How To Love Me

    • Trim my wicks after each burn ( to 1/4" for wooden wicks)
    • Appreciate my perfect imperfections this is perfectly normal, and won't affect my burn
    • Don't leave me unattended- I'm too pretty to leave all alone
    • Recycle my vessel- I work hard to smell and look this good- repurpose me please!
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